Location Recording

My recording setup is highly mobile. This way I can set up “shop” at your desired location to record your “live in the same room kinda vibe” performance.


The vibe of a band playing together in the room is everything for me. I specialise in mixing live recordings and I will give your tracks the mojo they deserve.


This is the final polish for your mix. I bring your tracks to the right volume and optimize frequencies and dynamics without destroying the mix.


Before Mixing

After Mixing & Mastering

Here are some recent Vinyly Sessions that I have recorded, mixed and mastered

Meet Me

People would describe me as a person with lots of interests. But the two main topics that always come back are music and environment. The vibe of a group of musicians playing live in the same room amazes me and I strive to translate this energy in my mixes. If you’d like to work with me, I promise to bend over backwards to provide you with work that will satisfy you 100 %. In the rare case that you may not be 100% satisfied, I won`t charge you. That`s my promise.

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