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  1. Number your tracks starting with 01.
  2. Use descriptive names like Kick In, Kick Out, Snare Top, Snare Bottom, Gtr Lead, Gtr Rhythm, Bass Mic, Bass DI, Voc Lead, Voc Background 1, Voc Background 2…
  3. When you make edits (meaning when you make a cut within a take), then combine the resulting files with a crossfade to avoid pop noises.
  4. Consolidate your tracks starting at time 0s. This means that each track starts at the same time right at the beginning of the songs. That saves your mix engineer from having to puzzle and guess which part goes where.
  5. Export your tracks in the file format wav. The standard is 24 Bit at 44,1 kHz or 48 kHz or 96 kHz.
  6. Please do not export every track as a stereo file if the recording was in mono. Only export stereo tracks where needed (usually keyboards for example).
  7. Save each songs tracks into its dedicated song folder.
  8. Only send your mix engineer completely edited songs, unless you have agreed beforehand that he will also do the editing. This also applies for pitch correction.
  9. Pack your files within a zip or raw folder and send your files using a file transfer service like wetransfer.

My recording mixer takes up to 20 channels simultaneously.In most cases that is more than enough to record a full band setup including drums, guitars, lead and background vocals, bass, keys …